GHD Hair Straighteners Repair Solution

Published: 18th February 2011
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Our GHD is dead, or so it would look. You might have a single lying in a bottom draw or beneath the bed or in a tatty aged box in the attic. Ahead of doing the repairs on your GHD you will will need to get oneself a new energy cable. These can be picked up by performing a fast world wide web search and bought on-line. As soon as you obtain your new compatible GHD energy cable you will require to execute the GHD repairs service to you hair straighteners. Now if your faulty GHD is around 2-three many years outdated then comply with these repair instructions;

a.) Hold your GHD collectively with a hair or elasticated band so the plates are pushed with each other, this will make it easier for you to carry out the relaxation of the GHD repair service.

b.) Now at the back of the GHD straighteners close to the cable end there is an elastic rubber band, gently ease this band off the back of the iron, it may well aid if you use the micro-screwdriver to assist you do this.

c.) Subsequent to in which the rubber band was at the cable stop of the straighteners, if you glimpse carefully you really should see two smaller screws hidden in the smaller gap.

d.) With your micro-screwdriver eliminate these two screws.

e.) Now for the cable transform portion of your GHD repair service. The plastic cap at the back again of the iron really should now be loose and you should be ready to eliminate it, producing the GHD power cable connector visible.

f.) You will be ready to see how the cable connects to the GHD with a metal pin heading into a female connector. You ought to be in a position to eliminate this pin from the connector basically.

g.) Time to substitute your aged faulty GHD cable with a fresh new new GHD cable and comprehensive your GHD repair service. At this stage you will require to get rid of the rubber band that was on the GHD and slot this onto your new cable, now slot the new cable back into the female connector in the GHD.

That must be it, your GHD repairs service full and now for the minute of fact, plug your GHD hair straighteners in and change them on. Please note we would constantly recommend any repair to be checked by a certified GHD repairs and service engineer and all GHD repairs are performed at your personal chance. If in doubt locate a certified GHD repair service engineer, a lot of can be observed by undertaking an world wide web search.

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